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If you are Reading This Then:

a) You really need some fantastic IT assistance from the best crew Silicon Valley has to offer.

b) Some oddly large and peculiar guy gave you his business card and it had this URL on it.

c) The thought of fingernails screeching on a chalk board is more pleasant than your current level of service from your IT provider.

If you are here for reasons "A" or "B"...welcome and you have arrived. If you are here for "C" then we send our condolences and may perhaps have a remedy for you. 

At Nailed IT we understand the Life Science and Finance small business. We know the importance of not only providing solid business-oriented solutions but the care and well-being of the users.  


  • IT Compliance & Policies

  • Technical Consulting and Organization

  • Security

  • PC/Mac support & installation

  • Networking and infrastructure design

  • ​Industry specific support

  • Telecommunications

  • Training

Outsourcing your IT Needs

Nailed IT LLC is dedicated to providing business-class IT support to the Life Science, Financial and professional services communities in the SMB space. Located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area Nailed IT has served its Mac and PC community for over 20 years.

At Nailed IT we understand the need for reliability, consistency and flexibility inside the small business space. We understand that the one size fits all solution does not work for most small businesses. At Nailed IT we offer service plans custom tailored to your needs. So whether you require preset scheduled IT visits on a time and material basis, fixed monthly support plans, or simple on-call services we have a solution for you. 

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