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Nailed IT specializes in three primary verticals markets: Venture Capital/Investment, Medical Device/BioTech and Professional Services companies.


Below are actual case studies performed for clients in the following markets.



Customer Need:

Client network was last upgraded in 2007.  All servers were at the end of their warranty and capacity.  The client had almost doubled in size in 4 years and had expanded from offices  in the bay area and the UK to include users in several other geographic regions requiring high reliability outside standard local business hours.  In addition the client requested that we establish as much redundancy as possible to minimize the effect of a failure at a single site.  


Nailed IT designed and implemented a new Windows 2008/Exchange 2010 infrastructure that provided  real-time failover capability between the clients 2 main offices and a 3rd geographically separate colocation facility.  In the event of a critical failure at one site core services are immediately accessible via  one of the remote sites.  This infrastructure has worked out beyond expectations. During an extended unscheduled outage at the clients main office in late 2011 all services failed over as planned and the network continued to function as expected-email continued to flow, users were able to log in and access their data and all mobile devices continued to function normally. 



Customer Need:

A small five person team was starting a new bio-tech company in the Bay Area. There was no infrastructure in place at all and they were entertaining bids for a complete build-out. Initial funding was limited but they had rapid growth plans and the network needed to be able to support up to 70 users, 10+ terabytes of data and multitude of platforms.


After receiving a low bid of $75,000 to build out an environment Nailed IT interviewed the client. After asking the correct questions regarding growth patterns, funding timelines, data growth rates and disaster tolerances we were able to provide a custom modular network solution that incorporated all the technologies they required that mapped to their budget and timeline.

By focusing on virtualization technology we mitigated hardware cost and allowed for easy, fast expansion of future platform independent servers. Distribution of servers amongst the primary hosts provided the ability to balance the load dynamically and provide a critical need for redundancy. Leveraging our partner, Axcient, we were able to provide a simple step up solution to mitigate the cost of covering the rapidly growing backup data set without compromising any risk protection.

The startup cost $25,000. The sacrifice in technology and services zero.



Customer Need:

As all Professional Services company, a San Francisco Law Office needed access to email, contacts, calendars and tasks, database, and documents on the go and at a moments notice.  Time needs to be on their side and can make or break the deal or case.  A lot of what their business relies on having good timing.


Nailed IT enabled remote devices including iPhone, Droids and Blackberries to be able to access email, contacts, calendars and tasks from anywhere there is cell phone reception anytime it is required.
In addition, we implemented Remote Desktop Services which enabled employees to login to the network using remote computers, tablets, or cell phones to be able to access the database, work on files, and of course check emails.  
Implementing these solutions has given the company the ability to access its data and stay in contact with clients, associates, etc. any time of the day or night.

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