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Why you should hire us...

...because we are hip and edgy...actually we are complete Geeks...but seriously THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE US!

It's true we absolutely love what we do. We love all gadgets, widgets, and thing-a-ma-bobs alike. Simply put we love our tech. If you can plug it in, turn it on, make it beep, blink or whir it will float our boat. And if it's shiny... well we won't go there. 

After 18+ years of doing this stuff we've gotten pretty good at it. We can apply our insatiable need to understand every nut, bolt and screw of your network and device(s) to help your organization run like the fine timepiece it ought to be. 



We are all Hunters and We Eat What We Kill

We are owner-operator. We understand the job but more importantly we understand the business. We know no nine-to-fives only what needs to be done. As owner-operator we have a personal  investment in our relationships with our clients. We recognize that the food on our table is provided by our clients and that our reputation and future success resides wholly in our actions.

We are all Marines

Every Marine is a rifleman, they may be drill instructors, pilots or officers, but they are all rifleman. At Nailed IT every person is a technically capable engineer... everyone. Collectively every Nailed IT employee contributes to the resolution of an issue.

Where are the Braves?

In every larger organization the engineering group whether officially or unofficially stated has a hierarchical structure amongst engineers. On average there are two to three Chiefs that act as the go-to guys for the organization. At Nailed IT our core staff are ALL proven chiefs acquired from within the industry.

Trimming the Fat

At Nailed IT we hold ourselves and our staff to a significantly higher than average set of standards. All our staff are handpicked and invited to join us. We ask a lot from our staff but we offer even more. This allows Nailed IT to provide a higher level service to our clients. However to stay competitive (consistent 15-20% less than competing organizations) we focus our financial resources on the salaries and well-being of our staff and not on non-essential fripperies.

Note: I must apologize in advance that you will not see the bright neon sign and we will not be able to meet at our downtown location on the $50,000 conference room table.

We are Corporate Conservationists

We believe in sustainable natural growth. To us red is a four letter word. We are, have been and will continue to be a profitable self-sustained corporation and as such will be here maintaining long-term healthy relationships with our clients. We don't want to own the world....just our part.

Executive Team

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Keith Costas
Managing Partner, CEO

A native to the Silicon Valley, Keith Costas has been an Information Technology professional for over 20 years having worked as an engineer, manager and executive in three high growth IT companies. 

Keith began his career after attending UC Santa Barbara as a prepress operator, graphic and multimedia designer. working in an all Mac environment that he supported. Shortly after he began KC Studios where he began his career in outourced IT in Macintosh environments. 

Keith currently lives in Half Moon Bay with his wife of 18 years and his 10 year old son, Kieran. 

Eric Johnson
Partner, CFO 

Eric has worked in various roles in Information Technology for over 20 years.  Prior to joining Nailed IT as a partner/CFO, Eric was employed by several IT consulting firms in the bay area supporting a wide variety of user groups, including fortune 500, venture capital, and professional services firms (legal and accounting).  

Eric is a lifetime Bay Area resident, attended UC Berkeley, and has been married for 18 years with 2 daughters aged 12 and 17.  When off the clock Eric is an avid computer and electronics hobbyist and machinist. 

Shawn Lafferty
Partner, CTO
With over 15 years of proven business leadership and experience Shawn has joined Nailed IT as the Chief Technical Officer.  His extensive knowledge and experience in various vertical markets such as Financial Services, Venture Capital, CPA and Accounting, Law Offices, Architectural, and Technology-based start-ups make him a formidable asset to the company.

His technical strengths include LAN, WAN, and Datacenter infrastructure design, development and deployment, virtualization infrastructures, firewall & VPN, Windows Active Directory, SQL Server Database, Exchange Servers, and several vertical specific applications.  

Shawn's corporate experience includes serving as Director of IT for top 100 financial organizations where he served as the chief architect for improving business processes. Prior to the abovementioned engagements Shawn served as the Principal consultant for a nationwide Small to Mid-Market IT support organization.   

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